Minimal Tower Defense 7.0.5 Update

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Update notes   V 7.0.5 (Largest Update yet)

Major -

  • Game no longer starts on load (Finally)
    • I added a menu so you can start the game whenever you want
  • Redone how Blob health is calculated
  • Major rebalance
    • Redone how Blob health is calculated
      • Before it made it impossible at higher rounds.
      • Blob health is now (Wave * 20 * (Blob specific health))
      • Blob value has been decreased.
      • Tower damage/price changes
        • Gatling Gun is weaker, but shoots more.
        • Missile Tower now shoots faster
        • Tesla Tower is weaker
        • Super Laser shoots a bit slower
  • New tower
    • The Ice Tower
      • Slows blobs down in an area
  • Redone the UI
    • Everything now fits in an easy to see bar above the game.
    • You can now place the Blob/Tower info card wherever you want (hover above the card to move it)
    • Added a help option on the main menu

Scrapped - 

  • Tower/Blob sounds
    • I have everything ready to add the sounds, but it's just really annoying listening to all the sounds.

All game art has been updated.

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Mar 19, 2018
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Feb 10, 2018

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